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Product Description

UCONTM Quenchant E and E-NN (non-nitrite) are nonflammable polymeric quenchants and are aqueous solutions of a liquid organic polymer and a corrosion inhibitor.

The organic polymer is soluble in water. At temperatures above 74°C (165°F), however, the polymer separates from water as an insoluble phase.

UCON Quenchant E-NN is formulated with a proprietary non-nitrite corrosion inhibitor which is completely compatible with UCON Quenchant E without nitrosamine formation. Analogous quenching performance is obtained with either UCON Quenchant E or E-NN.

When hot metal is quenched in a diluted solution of UCON Quenchant E or E-NN, a film of the liquid organic polymer is deposited on the surface of the hot metal. The rate at which the metal is cooled is governed, in part, by the thickness of the polymer-rich film. The thickness of this film is controlled by the concentration of UCON Quenchant E or E-NN in the quench bath.

The cooling rate is controlled also by adjusting the quench bath temperature and/or the rate of agitation. The main difference between UCON Quenchant E and E-NN and other UCON Quenchants is the choice of the polymer composition, which provides uniform heat transfer in typical oil applications.

UCON Quenchant E and E-NN are suitable for the hardening of: • Large alloy parts from tilt-top, car-bottom, and pit furnaces • Forged parts that are quenched directly from the forge
• Sensitive alloys and shapes heated by induction

• Parts processed from continuous and batch-furnace operations employing gas-fired, neutral, and carburizing-carbonitriding atmospheres requiring oil quenching rates

• FM Approvals has classified UCON Quenchant E and E-NN as “FM Approved” as tested against the latest testing criteria.

• The optimum operating conditions for a specific metal or part may be determined by control of concentration, bath temperature, and/or agitation.

• UCON Quenchant E and E-NN minimize replacement control due to its low deterioration and/or oxidation rate. The major make-up requirement is for water lost by evaporation.

• UCON Quenchant E and E-NN eliminate the smoke, soot and residues common to oil quenchants. Equipment maintenance and plant cleanliness are easier to achieve. • UCON Quenchant E and E-NN are soluble in water and resistant to bacterial growth.

• UCON Quenchant E and E-NN will freeze below 0°C (32°F). They should be thawed to room temperature and mixed before use. The product will not be affected in any way.

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